What We Do

Eden Wealth provides Wealth Management and Financial Planning Services to business owners, emerging entrepreneurs and others who can benefit from wealth management services. The service includes investment advice, wealth protection, tax-efficient succession and estate planning.

Our integrated financial and wealth planning service centres on the creation and preservation of our clients’ capital, managing assets for both high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

Our Core Values

At Eden Wealth, our dedication to excellence is underpinned by our other values –

  • Education and Continued Professional Development: All of our Advisors are qualified to a Post Graduate Level and are fully committed to following a rigorous CPD programme to ensure that they are always offering our valued clients best in class advice which enables Eden Wealth to remain at the leading edge of the Financial Services Industry.
  • Client-Focused: we dedicate the time and the systems required to ensure the best solutions for every client on an individual basis. We ensure that these solutions are reviewed and, where necessary, revised as the market or individual circumstances change.
  • Clarity, Transparency and Flexibility: Our fee structure is transparent, our language is clear, our processes are open.
  • Integrity: this is the bedrock of our belief system within Eden Wealth. Everything we do is guided by this key value.