At Eden Wealth, we provide wealth-building services for individuals and companies based on their individual circumstances, financial goals and level of risk tolerance.

Our client profile ranges from individuals and families with property, savings and investments to large companies with investments and/or pension scheme.

Whilst all of our clients have the goal of better asset performance, we do not provide off-the-shelf, product-driven solutions. A customised plan, subject to regular review and adaptable to changing circumstances, is core to our approach.

If you have an asset base that is approaching or potentially approaching €1 million, we can ensure that it will be more likely to meet your long-term financial goals. Your assets may comprise some or all of the following: a home (mortgage-free or nearing term-end), one or more rental properties, pension assets, investments and savings and possible future inheritance. You may be self-employed or a company director. You may have one profitable business activity as well as a loss-making one. You may own a company or piece of a company.

In doing so, we will collaborate with their Taxation and Legal Advisors to ensure that all parties are communicating and working towards a collective end goal in the most efficient manner possible.

The following profiles illustrate the wide variety of Eden Wealth clients and demonstrate how we assist them to build and protect their wealth.