Financial Planning

Financial Planning – Professional Couple, Early 40s

Frank and Paula (names altered) are both professionals, aged early forties and married with children. They lived overseas for many years and although they have moved back to live in Ireland, they continue to travel extensively for work purposes.

Over the past two decades, they have built an asset base worth in excess of €2 million, comprising investments and property.

Frank and Paula have contracted Eden Wealth on a fee-basis to manage their portfolio of assets. Having discussed their expected level of return and their risk tolerance, our task is to manage their assets to allow for their early retirement as well as to manage the transition of assets when it comes to succession and estate planning.

In doing so, we will collaborate with their Taxation and Legal Advisors to ensure that all parties are communicating and working towards a collective end goal in the most efficient manner possible.

Eden Wealth has embarked on a long-term relationship with Frank and Paula that will guide them through their financial life-cycle, ensuring that their financial goals are met.